This weekend we will be springing the clocks forward and losing and hour of precious sleep. Minnesota company Cairbou Coffee knows how hard that can be on us and they want to make sure we have a spring in our step to get through the first workday of the week.

On Monday March 9th from 2-3 PM guests can stop by participating Caribou Coffee locations and recieve a free small Caribou BOUsted Caffeinated Beverages.

Caribou BOUsted is a delicious line of sparkling and blended caffeinated drinks in a variety of fruit flavors and is now available at locations nationwide. The new drinks are crafted with caffeine from coffee beans without the coffee taste. Like all Caribou Coffee handcrafted beverages, Caribou BOUsted Caffeinated Beverages are 100% Clean Label—meaning there are no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, no artificial sweeteners, and no artificial preservatives.

Matt Reiter, the vice president of merchandising and product at Caribou Coffee said these drinks are the perfect way for both coffee lovers and non-coffee-drinkers alike to "refresh their caffeine routine" with a morning or afternoon pick-me-up.

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The new drinks come in a few different varieties and flavors:

  • Craft Soda BOUst: Sparkling water sweetened with fruit flavors
    •  Flavors: Spicy Pineapple, Stone Fruit or Rock Melon Cantaloupe
    • $3.49
  • Juice BOUst (Sparkling or Blended): Blend of juices and fruit flavors; try sparkling or with a blended twist
    • Flavors: Dragon Fruit, Passion Fruit, Strawberry Mango or Blackberry Lemonade
    • $3.99 for sparkling, $5.19 for blended
  • Sparkling Water BOUst: Sparkling water with a hint of fruit flavor
    •  Flavors: Wild Berry or Grapefruit
    • $2.99

These new drinks are available now, and that free small one will be available on Monday March 9th from 2 - 3 pm at select locations.

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