Is it just me or do the seasons seem to start earlier and earlier every year?

Mixed Up Morning Show co-host Ashli shared earlier this week that she saw Christmas decorations up for sale already at Sam's Club in St. Cloud. Christmas decorations. In. August. Somebody tell management there it's still freaking summer!

Sam's Club isn't the only one rushing the seasons. Starbucks announced earlier this week that Pumpkin Spice drinks are officially available in-store, earlier than they've ever made the beloved flavor available before. Hot on their heels, Caribou also made their own announcement.

"Filled with the cozy flavors you know and love, our unbe-LEAF-able Fall-Favorites are back!" the Minnesota-based company shared on Facebook. "Using only real ingredients to bring you a sense of comfort this season, try your favorite Pumpkin bevie hot, iced, blended, crafted press or as Nitro!" Also back for the fall is the Maple Waffle Sandwich.

"We make our pumpkin drinks with REAL pumpkin," Caribou Coffee says at their website. "We top them with real chocolate and spices, and we make our whipped cream fresh each day. Because real just tastes better."

Earlier this month, WJON learned that Caribou Coffee is one of three businesses proposed to go into the space that will replace the Gateway Motel on the East side of St. Cloud. "The redevelopment by Midland Atlantic Properties will include a new 5,200 square foot commercial building with Caribou Coffee occupying part of the building," WJON said.

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