If you open up my fridge, you'll see milk, juice and soda all on the bottom shelf. If you look up top, you'll find wine, butter and sour creme. If you peak in the bottom drawers, you'll spot the healthy stuff. I found these tips on how to rearrange your fridge so you'll eat healthier on Oprah's website. Check out these Top 6 tips.

1. Put the healthy foods on the middle shelf. Studies have found you're more likely to choose something that's on the middle shelf than on the very top or bottom shelf.

2. Don't keep water in the fridge. If you have to go in the fridge to get the water, you might see something else that temps you to snack on.

3. Prep healthy snacks beforehand. A ton of people here at the office do this. It makes it easy to just grab a bag of carrots or broccoli and go.

4. Put unhealthy snacks in containers that aren't see-through. If you don't see it when you open the fridge, you're less likely to attack it!

5. Don't pack your fridge full of food. If it's so jam-packed you can't find anything, you'll end up going to your cupboard where the  junk food lives and breathes.

6. Tape your grocery receipt to the door. Sometimes you end up forgetting you have healthy options inside.

Read more at Oprah.com. Because if Oprah approves, it can't be wrong!

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