Justin Timberlake made an appearance on Sunday’s (May 11) season premiere of ‘Oprah Presents Master Class’ to share some personal insight on his life and fame.

The singer-songwriter started off his segment with a hefty claim. “When you look at me,” he said, “you should understand that I am America.”

To explain himself, Justin continued, “I loved Nirvana when I was 14, but I also loved Missy and Timbaland, but I also loved D’Angelo, but I also loved a Tribe Called Quest. But I still loved the Beatles and the Stones … I could go on and on.”

The ‘20/20 Experience’ star certainly has a wide range of influences and idols — like a melting pot, to connect back to his America metaphor.

Justin also discussed how his childhood sparked his passion for music. Growing up in Memphis, Tenn., he explains, music wasn’t about obsessing over artists. It was about obsessing over the music and the songs, not the people the songs came from.

“It wasn’t ‘Michael Jackson,’ it was Michael Jackson’s songs,” JT shared. “It wasn’t Garth Brooks, it was Garth Brooks’ songs, because we had got the radio. So I grew up loving movies, loving songs. It was never like the actor, or the musician, or the pop star, per se.” He added, “It was always the thing that was being made. That always mattered to me more.”

It’s a logical leap that Justin’s younger years of fascination in song production would lead him to being the diverse music mogul he is now. But does that make him America? What do you think of Justin's statement, PopCrushers?

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