A new survey asked hiring managers the craziest things parent have done to try to get their kid a job.  Here are the six best . . .

1.  "The guy opened his laptop and had his mother Skype in for the interview."

2.  "A father tried to negotiate a higher salary for his son."

3.  "A woman brought us a cake to try to convince us to hire her daughter."

4.  "A candidate was texting his parents the questions I was asking during the interview and waiting for a response."

5.  "A father called us pretending to be from his son's previous company and praised him."

6.  "One parent asked if she could do the interview for her child because he had somewhere to be."

We all love our kids, and would do anything in the world to help...but this is borderline crazy! Or somebody just can't cut the cord.

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