This is why I'm always checking out Buzzfeed! They always have the best life hacks, and tend to save me cash. Check out these four simple coffee hacks below.

1. Let your coffee cool down for a few minutes before you drink it. Recent studies found it tastes better. If it's really hot, it tastes stronger, and possibly a bit bitter.

2. If it still tastes a bit bitter, add just a pinch of salt. You can add it to the coffee grinds, or sprinkle right in your cup.

3. Save cash by making your own flavored creamer. Just add a drops of vanilla extract or hazelnut extract to half-and-half.

4. Make your own frothy milk in the microwave (C. Willi does this). Just pour milk in a mason jar, shake it up, take the lid off, and microwave it for about 30 seconds.

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