Weekends are crazy around the St. Cloud Area. People are coming here, leaving to go other places, and some just are driving around with no real destination. Traffic on certain St. Cloud roads can be unbearable once noon on Friday rolls around. Here are the 5 streets I totally avoid!

  1.  The Ramp to get on Hwy 10 from 23 - by Cashwise on the East side. I avoid this at all costs. Traffic is always backed up from the St. Germain/Hwy 10 stop light, and people coming from the cities make it impossible to merge on.
  2. The Intersection of 15 and Division - That stop light seems to last longer on Fridays
  3. Division Street in general - I refuse to battle everyone else. I'll take the side streets, even if it takes me 20 minutes longer.
  4. Intersection of 3rd Street NE and Hwy 15 - The road that runs along the backside of the mall. It was a great shortcut but now everyone else knows about it and it's off limits.
  5. W St. Germain Street (Downtown) - This road is fine until about 9 PM when everyone starts going out for the night. It is really bad when the college kids come back. I choose to avoid it year round.

What roads do you try to avoid on weekends in St. Cloud? Share them with us in the comments!

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