It occurred near I-94 east near Woodbury.

A video posted to Youtube over the weekend by MN Safety shows a Minnesota driver losing his boat on the highway. According to the video's title and caption, it occurred near I-94 east of St. Paul near Woodbury.

Dashcam video footage from a vehicle waiting at an intersection shows a white SUV crossing through the intersection and taking a left turn. An Alumacraft boat follows behind on a boat trailer. As the light for the waiting vehicle turns green, we see the recording vehicle make a U-turn as if to follow the vehicle pulling the boat. As the vehicle completes the U-turn, the same boat that had been on the trailer can be seen on the road across both lanes of traffic. The SUV that had been pulling it can be seen in the opposite lane apparently coming back for the boat.

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Some in the video's comment section have joked about the mishap.

"Must be a good spot for fishing," joked one. "Anybody check how many were on the stringer?"

"Is that considered dry docking?" cracked another. Others weren't so gracious, commenting on the driver's irrisponsibility.

"That boat wasn't even on the trailer the right way when he went thru the intersection," said one.

"They didn't have it secured properly, and I hope they get a fine for it," commented another.

"If you're not smart enough to secure your load you probably shouldn't be out on the water unsupervised..." put another bluntly.

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