My family took a day trip to the Twin Cities over the weekend and decided to stop for some fast food on the way home. With the line at the drive-thru reaching epic lengths I decided to just test my luck going into the restaurant to order.

It was a fairly chaotic scene with four employees trying to run a very busy fast food restaurant during the Saturday night dinner rush. The employees were running around like headless chickens while the customers' patience was pushed further and further toward a hangry rage.

At one point, I saw a younger kid start to pack my kid's meal into the familiar arched box when suddenly he chucked the red-and-yellow box across the kitchen and stood leaning on the counter with his arms crossed, sulking.

After over fifteen minutes waiting for my food, the exasperated manager asked me what meal I was waiting for. After I told her, she discreetly confronted the sulking employee and asked him if he had restocked the milk as she had asked him to do 'a while ago.'

"No, I am too lazy and didn't feel like it," the young worker responded.

The manager opened her mouth, presumably to snap on this kid, but then took a deep breath, smiled and said "Please go get the milk, you have a lot of potential as an employee here and I really want to see you live up to it."

The kid then smiled and went to get the milk, which apparently was holding up the hand off of my meal to my hungry kid.


I was pretty impressed with the manager's restraint, and it dawned on me that as frustrating as it is for us customers to deal with longer wait times and the other problems associated with the 'worker shortage,' there are a lot of folks out there doing the jobs of three to four people for the same low pay while also managing staff that probably would have been fired for their behavior only a couple of years ago.

Managers- I feel for you. All we can do is hope it gets better sooner than later. Thank you for showing up and doing the best you can do given the circumstances.

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