Last week we saw that Moorhead's water tower was in the running for "Tank of the Year," which celebrates the best water tower in the United States and Canada. Moorhead, imma let you finish but you need to know that you don't have the best water tower.

For my money, the Pequot Lakes bobber water tower is the best of the best. It's a unique shape and the bobber tells you exactly what the city is known for: fishing. That, to me, is the perfect water tower.

Dave Overlund
Dave Overlund

The Freeport water tower is also one of my favorites. It looks like it was built by two guys in the 1930's who realized that it didn't look quite as fancy as some of the others around, so they haphazardly threw a little smiley face on there. It works for me.

As far as the St. Cloud metro area, the Waite Park water tower once stood atop them all but was re-painted to give it much less charm and character for reasons I will never understand.

That leaves the Sauk Rapids 'hot air balloon' water tower along Highway 10 as the local champion.

The Moorhead one is fine I guess. It was painted really well but it seems like any town could hire someone to paint a scene like that. The Freeport water tower must stand on its own, ancient merits.

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