Starting on June 1st, the city of Minneaplolis is putting a ban on many types of plastic bags. Kare 11 News reported that Target stores have already posted signs saying there will be a 5 cent fee for paper bags and a 5 cent discount for shoppers who bring reusable bags. Subway, who famously puts their carry out subs in plastic bags, have also opted for a paper alternative. And though the ban is "in effect" on June 1st, the city is going to give businesses some time to adjust to the new change. 

I was in Austin Texas four years ago and they had a similar ban in place. At the time I thought it was outrageous that we had to pay 10 cents for a bag to haul groceries back to the hotel in. But now it all kinda makes sense. We have known for a long time that single use plastic bags are bad for the environment and the wildlife that lives there, yet we still continue to use them. I have a kitchen cabinet full of them at home and it gets more and more full every day.

Do you think St. Cloud should follow in the footsteps of Minneapolis and enact a plastic bag ban? Let me know in the poll below!

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