I've always been one to assume that grabbing the carton of eggs on the top of the rack are the freshest. Blind faith in egg picking. But there is a way to tell exactly when the eggs were put in the carton, and just how fresh they really are!


Next time you are picking up eggs, look at the expiration date. There should be another string of numbers, either above or below the expiration date.  Three of those numbers are the "Julian date," which tells you when they were packed. The three digits represent a specific day of the year between 1 and 365. 001 being January 1st, and 365 being December 31st. As a general rule of thumb, you're going to be looking for a higher number, unless it is the first week of January. So next time you are in Coborn's, Cash Wise, Aldi or any other grocery store getting eggs, check the Julien date to make sure they are the freshest they can be!

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