I'm always looking for ways to cut my grocery budget, so when I hear about new and improved ways to keep my money in my closet pocket, I'm all ears, so imagine my glee when I found six new apps for saving money on groceries. Check them out. 

The ZipList

ZipList lets you write a master list of things you buy every week, so you don't even have to think about it, they're just on the list. It also scans the heavens and Earth for money saving coupons for the items on your list, which is great because I don't get the coupon section anymore because we don't get the newspaper. ZipList also asks what store you're shopping at and can sort your list aisle by aisle so you don't waste time wandering the store. There's also a recipe clipper button that syncs with Pinterest or your online recipe box. ZipList is wonderful and free for iPhone and Android.

Weekly Ads & Sales

The Weekly Ads and Sales app finds store ads and circulars and alerts you when your chosen stores are having sales. The good news is that it's free, but the bad news is that it's only available for Apple users.

Grocery iQ

The Grocery iQ app is synced up with Coupons.com so you know this app has the hookup when it comes to saving money. I actually use this one and I like it a lot. When you're making out your list, it lets you adjust size, quantity and prices so you know what you're going to pay this time, versus what you paid last time. You can also select your store and it will tell you which aisle your items are in to cut down on time you're wandering the store. Grocery iQ is free for iPhone and Android. You can also just use it online and it allows list sharing so others in your household can add items to it.

Saving Star

How many grocery rewards cards are you signed up for? If you aren't signed up for any because you're afraid you won't be able to keep them all straight, the SavingStar app is here. Sign up for those grocery store rewards cards and then register them with SavingStar. The app keeps track of the rewards cards and sends you alerts on special deals based on your shopping history. SavingStar is free for iPhone, Android and it's available online.


Just like SavingStar, the CellFire app sends savings and coupons directly to your shopper cards and then sends you an alert to check your app when you walk in the store. They also offer digital and printed coupons. It's free and you can get it for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.


The Yowza app was co created by none other than Clarissa Explains it All/Sabrina the Teenage Witch star Melissa Joan Hart. It's a location based app that finds the stores near you and finds coupons. It's free and available for iPhone and Android.

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