Spoiler alert: Not every team is a championship team, you have to work for it!

A Rogers Area Youth Basketball Association team were told Friday that they were no longer welcome in the Northwest Suburban Basketball League because of their high skill level. Really? Should we just handout Championship trophies to all teams, because all participants tried really hard?

NO! Absolutely not!

You put in more work, work harder... if this team is practicing and getting better, GOOD FOR THEM! Continue to work and get better and your reward as you get into your high school careers will be even greater!

Team member Tessa McCarthy said perfectly, "Are we supposed to play worse just to make them happy?"... again, the answer is, NO!

Not everybody is a starter, not everybody will play even 10-minutes. You EARN your way on the court, field, mat or track. To take away from one outstanding team just to make others feel better, that's not healthy competition or team building... which is exactly what sports is all about, that's trying to make sure everybody's feelings aren't hurt.

This isn't bullying or picking on anybody, it's competition and this team dominates the competitions.

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