The holidays are here (and have been if you're like me and count Halloween as part of "The Holidays") and it's time to feast! And feast!

And feast!


Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash
I'm already finding all that weight I'd lost (Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash)

What's the main course for your feast? For Thanksgiving, the traditional main course is turkey. But not everybody's big on the bird.

Ham is usually the go-to for Christmas, but if that's your preference why wait another month?

Thanksgiving Eve's Question of the Century was simply: "Turkey or Ham (or other) for Thanksgiving?"

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Team Jive Turkey

Karen, Martha, Laura, Barley, Mary, and Jennifer all agreed that you don't mess with tradition. Turkey is the way to go.

Team John Ham

On the other hand/plate: Elaine, Shawna, Lindsey, and Margaret voted for bacon's larger counterpart!

Why not both?

Sandy and Jodi say: "Both". Mo' meat!


And then there were The Others.

  • Steven prefers Vegan Ham (yes, it's a thing).
  • Dave prefers Heggie's pizza (shop local!).
  • Timothy opted for a rotisserie chicken one year (turkey is the usual for Timothy).
  • Josie does brisket (YUM!).
  • Melissa does prime rib (YUM!!).
  • Jullian does ribs (YUM!!!).

And then there's Ron: "I’m gonna be slinging ALL the meat. Give thanks!"

Ron cracks me up.

My family - for the first time ever - is forgoing a home-cooked meal in favor of a buffet. This year we're looking to spend more time chatting instead of cooking and cleaning. Nothing wrong with trying something different.

Be safe and eat lots! You don't have to worry about exploding!

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