Oftentimes we can only ever associate a song with the movie it was featured in.

Tax Day's Question of the Century asked: what's a song you can't hear without thinking of a movie?

The Number One Answer Was Not a Surprise

I can't hear the phrase "Danger Zone" without thinking of the TV series Archer. That's just me, though. Most everybody else associates it with Top Gun and Top Gun: Maverick.



Kenny Loggins Ruled the 80s Soundtracks

Seriously: if a soundtrack didn't have K-Logg on it, it was trash.

I'm Alright (from Caddyshack)

Meet Me Halfway (from Over The Top)

Another 80s smash hit: "Holding On For a Hero" by Bonnie Tyler

No Celine, but Whitney made the list

Towards the end of Happy Gilmore we hear a Lynyrd Skynyrd classic...

I'm guessing Stealer's Wheel didn't think their hit would be featured in Reservoir Dogs

I can't think of Wayne's World without thinking of Queen, and vice versa

A killer Van Halen track was the theme to Twister

It might have hastened the end of the Van Hagar era, but it was still a great track

Back to the 80s...and the Brat Pack

The perfect song can make for the perfect ending of a movie

The Dude hated the Eagles, but Jesus did not

John Cusack gave us a fast way to a restraining order

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