A photo posted to the Minnesota thread of reddit shows Will, a "professional good boy," welcoming guests at the Minneapolis St. Paul Airport.

"This is Will," reads the photo's caption. "Will’s only job is to receive pets from people at the Minneapolis airport. He’s not allowed to lick anyone while working, but he receives pets professionally despite that rule. Will is a professional good boy."

Some initial confusion over wording led some reddit users to believe Will was a receptionist for other animals ("Will’s only job is to receive pets from people..."). However, as one user clarified, the word "pet" is a verb and not a noun -- Will is there to receive pats from people passing through the airport!

Will is actually an MSP Animal Ambassador, part of a program that's been running since October 2015. For the past four years, Airport Foundation has been bringing registered therapy dogs to MSP "to delight travelers, reduce stress, and enhance the overall airport experience."

"In addition to working shifts at petting stations in the terminals, [the] Animal Ambassadors also participate in airport educational programs, outreach activities, and events."

Other reddit users have shared their own experiences with Will.

"I have met Will before! The airport has a program where families with special needs kids can get to see how the airport works, and do a dry run before they fly. We met Will when we did that."

"I am a nervous flyer and Will was very helpful in between my flights. Airports in general can be tough for me so I’m glad that some airports are trying this out."

"I met will too! Very good boy, long line for [scratches]."

Keep an eye out for Will or his other furry friends next time you're passing through MSP Airport!

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