My wife and I spent our 4th of July weekend in Duluth.

We've got a good family friend up there -- Connor -- who we try to connect with every time we're in town. I texted Connor a couple weeks before the 4th of July to see if he'd be around and would want to get together.

"I'd love to see you both then," he said. "Would y'all care to fly around for a bit?"

By way of context, Connor's got his private pilot's license and is building his own plane, which is super cool! At some point during his training, though, we'd heard that there was an "incident." I don't know exactly how it ended, but we heard something about a wrecked plane. According to Connor, the incident was nothing more than some turbulence and an incompetent flight instructor. "What the heck?" we figured. "You only live once; how often do we get to fly over the North Shore in a private plane?" So we said yes.

We pulled into Duluth Friday afternoon. Our first stop was at Ursa Minor Brewing for a quick drink and some some liquid courage; I think it worked, because by the time we met Connor at his place and drove over to to Richard Bong Airport in Superior, WI Katie and I were feeling pretty at peace. "If we crash, at least we'll die together!" Katie joked.

How'd the flight go? Watch our TikTok video below to see for yourself!

Pretty neat, huh? Have you ever flown over Duluth before?

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