It's like the sisterhood of the travelling pants...but with a shoe.

The owner of a shoe left behind at a gas station in St. Cloud while moving cross-country is looking for help finding it and sending it on to Michigan. In a post shared Tuesday to online discussion forum Reddit, Reddit user u/elevationatlas says, "I have been moving across the country with my boyfriend the past few days, and during a gas stop in St. Cloud, his shoe fell out of the UHaul truck."

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The shoes are her boyfriend's favorite shoes, she explains, and apparently they are no longer being made. She also says that the gas station (which she doesn't name) has the missing shoe but hasn't confirmed whether or not they'd be willing to mail it on to Michigan.

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"Would anybody be willing to pick it up from the gas station and ship it?" she asks. "I would pay for shipping plus the hassle! Just trying to get this lost shoe home."

Comments on Reddit have been surprisingly supportive and eager to help.

"I’m up for a shoe mission!" said one person. "I live in St. Cloud so what the h***?! Send me a message with the addresses!"

"I'm from the area, I can pick it up and ship it if you haven't already found someone!" offered another.

"Oh h*** yes!" said another. "I'm currently underemployed in St. Cloud anyway. Give me something to do!"

The woman offered an update to say that the gas station employee who found the shoe doesn't work again until Friday, and other staff don't seem to know anything about the shoe. The woman will try calling the gas station again on Friday to confirm its whereabouts.

Now that you're emotionally invested, follow the journey of the lost shoe at the Reddit thread here.

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