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Mid-May, we featured a rather bizarre story of a shoe left behind in St. Cloud by a traveler passing through. According to Reddit user u/elevationatlas, she and her boyfriend were moving cross country from Oregon to Michigan when they stopped for gas at an unnamed St. Cloud gas station. While getting in and out of the UHaul, a shoe belonging to the boyfriend fell out of the truck and was left behind (he likes to take his shoes off while driving, apparently). The shoe and its counterpart were one of the boyfriend's favorite pairs of shoes and -- according to the original Reddit thread -- are "not being made anymore." Desperate to find the shoe and see it returned, the girlfriend had taken to the Minnesota thread of Reddit looking for help.

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The comment section was filled with comments of bemused Minnesotans eager to help.

"I’m up for a shoe mission! I live in St. Cloud so what the hell?! Send me a message with the addresses!"

"I'm from the area, I can pick it up and ship it if you haven't already found someone!"

"I’m about an hour from there. If no one from St. Cloud replies I can take care of it later this week."

When we last reported on the "sisterhood of the traveling shoe," the shoe had been found at the gas station, which the girlfriend confirmed after calling and speaking with someone there. Unfortunately, as it turns out, the shoe was not kept. In an update to the original post, the shoe was thrown away.

"I called back," writes the girlfriend on Reddit, "and they directed me right to the manager who told me that the shoe was thrown out. He wouldn't give me any details but that it was thrown away."

Well, that's that. Case closed. The lesson here, we suppose, is -- don't drive without your shoes on or you might lose one at a gas station somewhere. You can read the original story here.

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