It's the time of the year where we get all the end of the year lists and learn a little more about our fellow Minnesotans and what we might be googling. Starting out, I am about to make several people gasp, but I was today old when I learned about the "Jennifer Aniston Salad" for the first time, or perhaps the first time I really cared about checking it out. Feel like I had heard it in passing from one of my girlfriends, but never really thought anything of it.

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You see, I talk about celebs, I know more than one probably should, but I don't eat, sleep and breathe everything about celebrities. I don't watch reality shows, I REALLY don't watch the Kardashians and I rarely go seeking what my favorite artist, actor/actress or any celeb is up to. I'm weird in I probably do more research on my favorite sports teams the Minnesota Vikings and the NDSU Bison than anything mentioned above.

By now you are probably asking yourself, but what does any of this have to do with Minnesota and a recipe that was most googled in 2022? Everything actually. Because it turns out the most googled recipe in Minnesota or at least in the Twin Cities to St. Cloud area is just that, the "Jennifer Aniston Salad". Since my curiosity was piqued however, I did do a little research on it.

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It was back in 2010 that it first came to the surface about the salad Jennifer Aniston ate every day while filming 'Friends' during an interview with Courtney Cox. She called it a "doctored up cobb salad". Fast forward to 2022 when the recipe started to surface and it became a TikTok sensation after The Modern Nonna shared her take of the salad and many more recreations followed.


@themodernnonnaJennifer Aniston Salad Let me know what other celebrity salads you want to see in the comments ❤️♬ Little Bitty Pretty One - Bobby Day

Then in June Jennifer herself actually debunked the "Jennifer Aniston Salad" in an interview with Elle, saying that was not what she ate, though it sounded it delicious. The recipe had too many chickpeas for her she said. But none-the-less, that recipe was the most googled recipe in parts of Minnesota and clearly many wanted to try it. For the curious, who still want the recipe, the whole thing can be found here with The Modern Nonna's take on it, and she states quite clearly it is not exactly what Jennifer had, but a perfect salad all the same.

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What other celebrity recipes have you googled and wanted to try before Minnesota? Let me know by messaging us in our app, I love to cook and might have to try some of these!

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