Apparently, there IS a big advantage to waiting until you're a bit older, to have kids.  But wait until you're in your 40's?  That seems a bit too long, maybe, to me.

But I am certainly no expert on being a mother.

A study from the University of Virginia claims that children born to moms over 40, are apparently healthier and smarter than those of younger women. (Daily Mail)

A study found that the offspring of older women are less likely to have accidents or need hospital care and more likely to have been vaccinated early. They will also develop a broader vocabulary from a young age, and achieve higher scores in IQ tests in a range of measures up to the age of five.

Dr. Alastair Sutcliffe, who worked on the study, said older mothers might be more risk-averse, possibly because they were less active and unable to run after their children, but they may also be better at spotting and avoiding potentially risky situations.

I appreciate the study, but all it really tells us is this ----

Women are a lot  SMARTER in their 40's, than they are in their 20's.

And most of us guys, already knew that....