You might recognize this voice from Flip or Flops past! Brian Dales, lead singer of The Summer Set, has been keeping secrets for the past two years! Yesterday he shared his first solo song on Spotify under the name DALES.

I was lucky enough to catch up with Brian about his new project and song, "Young for the Summer". He was saying that this song was originally created almost two years ago with his friend Matt Backley who has produced albums for Minnesota artists in the past! Brian told me that launching the first song was really just letting everyone know that DALES is here, and the game is about to change! I will have the full interview with him on the Mix 94.9 YouTube Channel tomorrow!

Check out "Young For the Summer" above and vote below! Do you think we should flip this song into rotation and play it on Mix 94.9 or should we flop it out for something else?

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