The new Hands-Free Law went into affect in Minnesota August 1 of last year.

It's been just over five months since the new Hands-Free Law went into affect, making it illegal to use handheld cellphone and other devices while driving behind the wheel. Apparently, some Minnesotans are having trouble breaking the habit; in August -- the same month the law went into effect -- Minnesota State Patrol reported that they stopped 1,600 motorists for hands-free violations. This week, the Minnesota Department of Safety released another alarming number, saying that 9,7,27 drivers have been cited for violating the hands-free law since it went into effect.

According to WCCO, most drivers who were stopped said they were aware of the new law but are having a hard time obeying it. That's why the Department of Public Safety is launching a new campaign to "Park the Phone."

“We just need more Minnesota drivers to make that decision to park the phone,” said Mike Hanson, the director of the Department of Public Safety’s Office of Traffic Safety.

The new "Park the Phone" campaign will run through February 16. If you're one of those having trouble breaking the habit and keeping your phone down, check out these seven tips for going hands-free and five cell phone holders for your car if you do need your phone while driving!

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