Minnesota's new Hands-Free Law goes into effect Thursday, August 1, and some drivers -- like my wife -- will effectively be rendered communication-less.

My wife drives a 2001 Ford Focus with a busted radio and no Bluetooth/wireless/conversion capabilities. Come August 1, she'll essentially have no way to listen to music, make phone calls or use her phone's GPS.

One simple fix -- at least as far as phone calls and GPS go -- is a phone holder built for the car.

Ranging from $6.88 to $12.99, following are four suggestions for phone holders that should help you stay connected and communicating hands-free come August 1!

Available in black, gold and rose gold colors, this phone holder uses magnetic strips to keep your phone connected to the dashboard of your vehicle.

Rating: 3-stars out of 5
Cost: $6.88

Ryzillo via Amazon.com

This one also uses magnetic strips to keep your phone fastened to your dashboard, though the ability to swivel from portrait to landscape modes.

Rating: 4-stars out of 5
Cost: $12.99

Amoner via Amazon.com

This phone holder can be expanded for larger phones with its expandable arms. Quick release buttons detract your phone easily from the holder. This holder does clip to an air vent but can also be rotated 360 degrees for maximum use.

Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5
Cost: $12.99

GLT-show via Amazon.com

This mount uses a 3M strip to stick to your car's dashboard or window. It also features a clip-system to keep your phone from falling off or out. 360 degree rotation allows you to move your phone around as needed.

Rating: 3 stars out of 5
Cost: $8.99

There you go -- some easy and affordable fixes to the new Hands-Free law in effect August 1 in Minnesota. Read more about the laws -- including seven tips for going hands-free -- here.