I've been attending the Benton County Fair every year since I've been alive. My fair game is on point and I know what the must 'do' events are of the year.


1. Every year I start out my adventure by running to the mini doughnut stand and filling up on the sugary goodness. I go to the stand by the fair entrance. Next, I totally hit up the lemonade stand to wash it wall down. I'd be lying if I said that the corn dog stand wasn't my next stop.

2. You have to check out the talent show. Not only is it pretty fun to see what talent we've got in our own community, but you can cheer on the winner as they head to the Minnesota State Fair to represent Benton County. Cool stuff, huh? The talent show is Friday and Saturday evening with the winners being chosen on Saturday.

3. Games are always a go on my list! I'm not a ride person. If you were hoping I'd tell you which rides are the best, you're out of luck. But, I can tell you that I always hit up a few games at the carnival.

4. You've gotta hit up the education building to collect all of the freebies. That's basically where I get my pens and chap-stick fill for the year. But really, one year I wanted to see how much free stuff you could actually get at the fair, and it was more than 50 items.

5. The animals are a must see! They've got everything from baby pigs and chicks to puppies and kittens. It's probably where I spend most of my time now that I'm a mom. My son loves looking at the animals! Sometimes you can even adopt some of the animals. P.S. Angie the snake lady will be at the fair again this year!

6. The beer garden and live music is where the party is at. If you're going to the fair without children, I highly suggest hanging out in the beer garden and listening to our local talent. Grab and order of cheese curds and prepare for a relaxing night.

7. I personally love looking at all of the artwork and baked goods people submit for judging at the fair. It's all on full display.

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