There are a few laws that go into effect in Minnesota starting August 1 (tomorrow). There are really two major laws that will affect you on the road. You'll want to make sure that you know what they are and that you're complying with them because some come with a hefty fine.

  • Hands-free law: You won't be able to hold your phone and talk on the phone anymore.You'll have to be totally hands free--no texting, talking, turning on music, using your GPS, etc. The fines range anywhere from $50 for your first offense to $275.
  • "Slowpoke" law: This is a law I'm excited about because it just makes sense to keep traffic moving. You'll need to move out of the left lane if there's more than one lane in each direction. The goal is to not slow traffic and keep things moving. You'll be slapped with a $125 fine for violating the law.

It's not a "law" but there will be some price increases to update your driver's license, license plates and your tabs, etc. You'll be paying an extra $3.75 for your REAL ID license.

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