Oh the stories I could tell. I don't know how many times people have told me I should write a book about my life...but in reality...shouldn't we all? There was a point in time when I chased my dreams of becoming a recording artist, and had some great successes.

Over a two year period of time I recorded several original songs, and finally came out with the final product in 1998. I was 32 pretending to be 28 and had finally landed an opportunity to work with a great producer who I admired name Norro Wilson.  Norro was super...He was kind. At the time he was working with this new guy named Kenny Chesney, and a girl that had just started named Sara Evans....He was also finishing up the final touches on George Jones "Sweet Irish Rose" album.So I was super excited when he agreed to work with me!

It seems almost as quickly as the deal was coming together, it fell apart. Norro wanted to record a second album, and the gentleman who backed my project said he would pay for a second album, as long as Norro would release just ONE song from the album that you see here. Norro gave us time to decide, but my backer decided that we could probably swing it alone, and make it work on a new website called mp3.com. All of the songs on the CD were in the top 100, and several made the top 10. Three of them made the top 3...and two made it to number 1. But without the budget to back it, we were out of money and it was time to move on.

So I moved on....I had two more children. Drew my oldest, and only son at the time, we put on the cover of the CD. I was heartbroken at the time, but time heals wounds, and I realized...I DID make it. A girl from Minnesota, made it all the way to Nashville Tennessee...and Nashville said YES.   :-)

If you'd like to hear the songs, just follow the link to itunes:

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