Last night I went on a dinner date with friends at the Fuji Steakhouse in town.  Usually not a sushi fan (as you can see in the pic above I needed "training wheels" on my chopsticks), but I'm good with the typical California Roll, so I was excited to see what this place had in store.

Our original plan was to have a double date for Valentines Day, but my boyfriend got called away to work out of state at the last minute, so I ended up being a third wheel.  It was all in good fun and I was thankful for the company since my S.O. has been away all week.

When we got to the restaurant, we were joking around about my status and I was like, "Wouldn't it be funny if I kept pretending like there was a date that was supposed to show up at any minute all night?"

When the waiter came, my friend's wife blurted out, "Her date ditched her... AND ... IT'S HER BIRTHDAY!"

Imagine my surprise.  My birthday falls on December 26th.  lol

So, at the end of dinner, all of a sudden we hear this booming drum and singing.  The whole staff came, pulled me from my seat and had me do this silly dance.  It was hysterical and FUN.  I typically don't get the over the top birthday parties since everyone is away for the holidays.  I don't mind.  I'm a grown woman, but every once in a while it feels good to be celebrated as a person.  "Congratulations!  You made it through life on this crazy planet another year!"

Lucy / Townsquare Media
Lucy / Townsquare Media

And the food - awesome.  Loved it.  I had the Boston and Hollywood rolls.  The Boston were my favorite.  That spicy mayo they drizzle on top gives just the right pop of flavor and spice.  YUM.

We also treated ourselves to a couple cocktails.  Big fan of their Lemon Drop and if you like sangria, the Momokawa-tini (if I'm spelling it right, also very fun to say) is deeelish.  If you are with a fun bunch, do a Saki Bomb.  They bring out a drum, make some noise, there's shouting and banging on the table... it's a blast!


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