A writer for Gizmodo, Ashley Feinberg, posted the most hilarious article the other day that's all about creeping people out on Facebook.  Because, sometimes it's fun to watch people squirm.  She ran down a gambit of ideas on things you can do to make your friends feel as uncomfortable as possible.

Warning, you will feel creepy as you do these things, but if your friends have a great sense of humor, the pay-off will be worth it.

First thing you'll want to do is post your face to someone's Facebook wall without any explanation.  Try and give yourself that open, slightly happy, dead eye expression (think creepy girlfriend meme) for a truly creeptastic pic.

Then it's on to tagging yourself in things like engagement photos, and life events that you had nothing to do with.

There are a number of ideas that Feinberg gives to help you get your Facebook creep on.  So, today while you're bored at work, instead of playing hours of trivia crack, give Facebook creeping a try.  Your friends will not be glad you did LOL.

BTW... Is it just me or do I have a very visible mustache in this photo?  Time to hit the hot wax - YIKES!


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