My 24-year-old brother Brett joined the show this morning to talk about the awkward encounters he has had on his Tinder dates lately.

Here's some back story...Brett was in a three year relationship with the person that he planned to marry one day. He's a hopeless romantic and realized a little too late that he was in a pretty toxic relationship. Things ended when he finally decided that he deserved a lot better.


Since October, he has been on Tinder trying to find his true love. I've told him from the very start that Tinder is a really random place to find your soulmate. It comes as no surprise to me that Brett has had a frustrating time with the lack of "normal" people on Tinder. He has texted me on several occasions asking for help getting out of an awkward date.

I find his stories wildly entertaining--but, he doesn't find them so funny. Brett agreed to come on the air with us today and briefly talk about some of the situations he's been in. Dave thinks that Brett is being too knit-picky with his dates. Brett is ready to give up on love altogether.

We invited Brett to join the show again on Tuesday, February 6. We'll find out exactly what he's looking for and open the phone lines up to potential Valentine's Day dates!

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