This weekend got real interesting on Sunday night. As I was sifting through my Facebook messages waiting for a reply about a swap and shop page item, I noticed I had a message request. It came from someone I had 10 mutual friends with but I had never heard of. She claimed that my boyfriend had been cheating on my via Tinder! Here are the messages:

The alleged Tinder conversation. My boyfriends tests are in blue. Abbey Minke
Her messages to me about it, part 1. Abbey Minke
Her messages to me about it, part 2. Abbey Minke

For some reference, my boyfriend and I both deleted Tinder off of our phones early last year. It was a condition I had when we first started dating, modern relationships are fun. When I asked him about the Tinder exchange he genuinely had no idea who this person was and even offered me his phone to prove he didn't have the app. 

The scariest part of all this is the accuracy. We were recently on vacation so the screenshot of the Tinder conversation was VERY believable and we were both pretty shook from it. 

I actually remember getting a similar message request a couple years ago from someone else about my previous boyfriend cheating on me. Obviously there is some bot out there that preys on people like me.

The lesson here is this: don't just delete the Tinder (or other dating app), delete your profile! You can do that in the settings of the app. Click the settings icon (usually a gear) and then scroll to the bottom and click "Delete Account". And while you are at it, you might want to change your Facebook password too!