Dave and I tried to set my brother up on a Valentine's Day date this morning. We invited my brother on the air with us last week on the phone to share his failed Tinder date experiences.

This morning we asked Brett to join us live in person and opened our phone lines to scope out potential Valentines.


He was in a long committed relationship that ended in October. Since then he's been looking for love in all the wrong places--Tinder. He had some pretty wild stories to share with us from dates past.

Brett's Tinder dates have been so weird and crazy that my mom actually decided to step in and try to set him up on blind dates with 'nice and normal' girls that she works with. My brother thought it was weird that his mom was trying to set him up on a blind date so nothing ever came from those dates.

This morning we took calls from some single ladies also looking for a Valentine. Brett agreed to go on a Paint N' Party date with Amelia on February 13. She's a preschool teacher and dog mama! He promised to call us back after the date and let us know if it's a match!

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