I come from a long line of family members who served this beautiful country of ours. My grandpa, step-dad, uncles, cousins and now my son have all served in the armed forces. My son, Jon, is currently in basic training at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. He hopes to be a combat engineer with the United States Army and will start training right after he graduates from basic in mid December. I recently wrote a letter to my son and told him how immensely proud of him I am for his decision to serve our country. My biggest regret is not making that decision myself.

I went through the motions, met with a recruiter, and even took the ASVB test. My plan was to join the United States Navy. I look back at that time now and realize I would already have over 20 years of service under my belt if I had followed through. I found other ways to serve my country over the years. I volunteered as a firefighter / EMT for 20 + years, and currently serve on the Economic Development Commission for the city of Sartell.

Thank you to all the veterans who served or currently serve our country. I honor and salute you for your selfless service. May god bless you all.

Jon Zimmerman