Dancing With the Biggest Loser Idols, Oprah's last day and could we have a new global treasure?  

Hines Ward took home the mirror ball trophy last night on Dancing With the Stars, but it was Kirstie Alley that dazzled. She says because of the show, she has lost a total of 38 inches! Too bad I don't know how to dance. Hines's partner, Kym Johnson now has her second mirror ball trophy. Her first came three seasons ago when she won with Donny Osmond.

The Biggest Loser was crowned last night. The title and $250 thousand dollars goes to Olivia! We have watched Olivia drop an astounding 129 pounds! Congratulations!! It was also announced that this would be Jillian Michaels's final season. Filling her cross trainer shoes will be tennis player Anna Kournikova. A lot of people are asking "Why Anna Kournikova? She's not a trainer." No, but she has never won a major tennis title making her the biggest tennis loser, so I guess it kinda fits.

It's Lauren versus Scotty tonight on the season finale of American Idol tonight, but it was almost Haley versus Scotty as Lauren strained one of her vocal cords recently, but Lauren was determined to sing and I thought she did a pretty good job. Lauren and Scotty both sang the same song which will be their first single. Check it out:

The American Idol will be crowned tonight starting at 7!


Today is also the final Oprah Winfrey Show. I have to say, I'm a little sad. That was part of my after school routine for a very long time. Come home, grab a snack, watch the ABC After School Special and then Oprah until Mom called me into the kitchen to help with dinner. There have been rumors swirling about who is going to be her final guest and a lot of people thought that it was going to be a star studded spectacular like her last two shows, but surprise! Her final guest is...NO ONE! The last show was taped yesterday and an audience member said that it was all about Oprah. No big fanfare, no big surprises, no big stars. It was just her. She spent the time talking about what her show meant to her and what her viewers have given her and what she hoped she gave the viewers in return. Here are a few things I learned:

1. A talk show can be successful even without a funny host. I actually learned that from Jay Leno, but he's not retiring anytime soon apparently.

2. Shout-singing makes everything seem huge and important.

3. John Travolta is the greatest man to ever roam the planet or circle above it in his private 747 jumbo jet.

4. Don't jump on the furniture. You will get made fun of forever.

5. Good things come in small packages hidden under your seat.

Seriously, though, I think she has taught us to love your friends, respect others and that everyone has a story. Just stop and ask them and when they answer really listen.


If you want to know the history of breakfast cereal, who was the leader of Mesopotamia in 150 B.C. or the order in which the Olson Twins movies came out, you usually turn to Wikipedia, right? It is very useful, but the founder thinks it's more than just useful. They think it's a national treasure ranking among the pyramids and the Statue of Liberty and Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales is pushing the United Nations to get his website added as the first digital entry on the World Heritage List. That list contains the Grand Canyon, Great Barrier Reef and the Great Wall of China. So far, the U.N. has yet to respond.

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