Some heroic Minnesota Trader Joe's employees were featured in the latest episode of John Krasinski's viral Youtube series Some Good News.

In Episode 4 of SGN, the Office actor highlights individuals and teams around the world doing good deeds for their local communities. He features a bad-a$$ UPS driver, some dancing restaurant workers in California and sanitation workers in Thailand dressed as Spiderman (spidermen?) before turning to a team of Minneapolis-based superheroes.

"And where were the Avengers?" he asks before going into a clip of an Instagram video. "At Trader Joe's."

The video features a group of Trader Joe's employees heroically cleaning their store and preparing it for guests as the soundtrack to the Marvel Avengers movies plays.

The video was originally posted to Instagram by Sarah Santoree, who captioned it, "Sometimes you just gotta make a Cinematic Award Winning Tear-jerking Masterpiece in order to get over the bad vibes these times bring us."

Way to go Sarah and the Trader Joe's team for putting Minnesota on the Good News Map this week!

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