Papa's Garden in Royalton will be open again this year and Meagan Haugeto sent me a message that once again community members can visit the garden and help themselves to what has been set out. There are some new plants this year, so there will be some different options once the garden begins producing.

"2023 planting season has finally started!! I didn’t think spring would ever show up!

I picked some asparagus this morning……it’s been a long 3 years of waiting. Due to space restrictions there won’t be enough to harvest for the stand, but hopefully in the future I can offer this! I was really excited to share this with you today!

Returning to the garden: Radishes, carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, dill, cucumbers. We’re also going to attempt broccoli and onions again this year!

New for 2023 - GARLIC!!! This box has been planted with many things of garlic just waiting to emerge (this morning I saw one already have the tops poking through the dirt!) Look for a mid fall harvest!

New for 2023 - POTATOES!!! I have 6, 15 gallon grow bags ready to go; just waiting on the seed potatoes to callous up before they go in the dirt! I can’t wait to see how these turn out! - look for a late summer harvest!

Also new for 2023?? Garden expansion with 2 new raised beds, AND A SPOT FOR FLOWERS!!!!!

2023 is going to be SO good……I can already feel it"

The garden, which is tended to by Meagan Haugeto, is a no-cost garden that helps feed the community of Royalton. The garden, according to its Facebook "was the combined idea of myself and my dad. In 2020, my dad (‘Papa’ to his grandkids) passed away and we’re continuing on the legacy of his gardening to share with anyone who is in need!"

The social media page also states that the garden "is a no-cost garden that helps feed our community. Located on N Maple St in Royalton."

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Over the growing season last year, Papa's contributed to the community tomatoes, peppers, flowers, cucumbers, apples, carrots, and other items that Meagan grew and placed on the stand for neighbors and residents to enjoy.

Meagan will once again update the Papa's Garden page with what is available for community members. Please remember that the garden itself shouldn't be walked through or picked as Meagan will be doing that.

Thanks for all you do Meagan for your community and neighborhood.

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