A Minnesota teacher's class experiment has gained world-wide attention.

In less than 24 hours, Ambrosia Doty's photo has been shared over 8,640 times and earned more than 2.6K comments.

The special education teacher at New Century Academy in Hutchinson was trying to show her students how quickly something can travel on social media. The poster she holds reads:

We are doing a class experiment. Please share this picture and comment where you are. Help me show my middle school students how quickly this photo can move around the world."

It traveled a lot faster and farther than even Doty imagined.

"My Facebook post has traveled farther and faster than I ever imagined. I'm just a local teacher in a small, rural, mid-west community. I do not have contacts around the world, myself." Doty, who only has 212 Facebook friends, told Bring Me the News.

The experiment is part of a lesson on cyberbullying and the "hard reality of how fast something can travel on the web."

Comments have been left by people in Denmark, Kenya, Hawaii, South Africa, England, France, Brazil, India, Singapore and even Antarctica.


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