A Minnesota dad's makeshift sled stroller for his kids has earned both kudos and criticism online.

I'm not a parent yet, so I don't know what products are on the market right now for transporting your kids over snow and ice. But I've never seen something like this before (perhaps for good reason): a Minnesota dad has posted photos and video of his makeshift sled stroller to online forum Reddit.

"Built a very helpful sled stroller with old water skis and some little tikes swings," said Reddit user BasicCraig with his photo.

Built a very helpful sled stroller with old water skis and some little tikes swings. from r/minnesota

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The Minnesota dad goes on to share that he used extra wood from previous projects and water skis that had been hiding under the porch. He used two Little Tikes swings for seats; the total cost to build was $20 for the second seat. The surface area of the water ski helped the sled stroller move across deep snow better than cross country or downhill skis, he found.  From there, it was a matter of finding the best method for moving: "I initially started using the pull method," he shares, "so I drilled holes in the front of the skis and attached a water ski handle. The pull worked fine, but realized I wanted to have a little more control of the sled, so I switched to push and built a quick handle on the back." He also posted a video of his sled stroller in action with the kids in their seats.

Sled stroller

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Most fans on Reddit have applauded the dad's ingenuity.

"LOL that's awesome," praised one. "Getting real dogsled vibes from this."

"OMG this is amazing," raved another. "My family went out on lake of the isles yesterday and my daughter would have loved this!!!"

"Time to hit the sledding hill!!" suggested a third. Some, however, have been a little more critical or cautious.

"That's gonna win a Darwin award," commented one dryly, referring to the tongue-in-cheek awards that go to people who have died or become sterilized by their own stupid actions.

"Flotation just in case?" wondered another, noting that -- while the kids appear to be safely strapped into their seats -- the sled does not seem prepared for an emergency should it break through any thin ice.

Hopefully, BasicCraig considers adding some safety measures to the second version of his sled stroller, which he already has plans for including two cup holders, mesh carriage for holding things under the seats and metal cross beam on both seats.

What do you think of this Minnesota dad's winter invention -- brilliant or dangerous?

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