If you've been dreaming of getting out on the ice and spending the better part of an afternoon fishing, it seems we will be dreaming a little bit longer. A new climate prediction is calling for a warmer-than-normal December. With that news being shared the state of Minnesota is reminding its residents that there is no such thing as safe ice, and going out now on the thin ice just puts other lives on the line trying to rescue yours if you were to break through the ice.

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As ice begins to form, it’s important to remember that it does not form uniformly across a body of water and that conditions can change very quickly in the early season. Thin ice (<4”) might support your weight, but once it breaks, it becomes much weaker and is likely to continue breaking as you try to pull yourself out.
Remember that it’s not just dangerous for you - you’re putting at risk every first responder who has to come out and attempt to save you if you fall through thin ice.
Stay safe this ice season with these recommendations:
  • Wait for at least four inches of new, clear ice before venturing out. Be sure to check ice thickness frequently.
  • Always wear buoyant gear and ice picks. Each person should also carry a throw rope.
  • Go with a buddy and keep some distance from each other so that you don’t fall through the ice together.
  • Let someone know where you are going and when you plan to return.

The post from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is a good reminder this time of year, as some ponds and small lakes look good to go, but it just hasn't been cold enough long enough for there to be a safe amount of ice on area lakes.

Although I've heard they are getting houses ready to go out on Red Lake...

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