Congrats to our latest Teacher of the Week -- Cindy Peters!

Townsquare Media Staff

Cindy is a Special Education teacher at Big Lake Middle School and was nominated by her husband, Timothy!

Cindy is the DCD Special Education Teacher at the Big Lake Middle School. She teaches 6th, 7th, and 8th graders all in one class room. It resembles the one school house one teacher for all grades curriculum of the old west. She needs to create curriculum for individual students for multiple grades and levels to deliver to students on a a hourly basis. She is dedicated to ensuring that each student gets the best education possible at the level and understanding the they can comprehend. She has to be creative to keep the students interest all hour and day because of their disabilities and has no set curriculum guides to do so and thus must create new ones each day and year. She is always giving up her personnel time beyond the scheduled school hours to make sure she is prepared for the students. (Just ask the custodial staff they are prepared to make a bed for her there if sh e stays any later) She has been the mentor for the new ASD teachers the last few years and is again this year showing the new teachers the ropes to make their transition easier, and gives them support above and beyond by staying late to help them with their lesson plans. She has been a teacher for 10 years + all at the Big Lake Middle School and loves the challenge and students. The only regret she says she has is that she did not start teaching sooner. She is a credit to the profession and more then a valuable asset to the school, student and me her husband. Dedication to all of the above is a poor description of what Cindy is and does, she is epic!!"

We surprised Cindy at her school with gifts from Concrete Image Hair Salon, Coyote Moon Grille, Great Harvest Bread Company and an award from All-Star Trophy & Awards. Way to go, Cindy, and thanks for all the awesome work you do!

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