My wife and I spent our long 4th of July weekend up in Duluth.

On the drive up Friday morning, we made a stop at Tobie's Restaurant and Bakery in Hinkley at the recommendation of friends. "You HAVE to stop for their cinnamon rolls!" they said. Apparently, everyone else thought so, too; the Hinkley version of Clearwater Travel Plaza was packed! And no wonder -- the bakery section looked real good. They know what they're doing there, though, I'll give them that; we got through the line wrapped around inside in just minutes and walked away with a cinnamon roll and caramel roll. I thought they were both delicious! My wife thought the cinnamon roll was just ok; then again, she compared it to Isle Bun and Coffee in Minneapolis, which has hands-down the best cinnamon rolls in Minnesota. So, I take her feedback with a grain of salt. In any case, Tobie's in Hinkley -- we learned -- is quite the roadtrip pitstop destination.

Curious to know what other pitstops like -- or even need -- to make while they travel, I took to Facebook to find out.

"Lazy Moose Grill in Moose Lake," said Sandy. "Canal Park Brewery [in Duluth] has great food."

"There are some places we stop to eat on our way to Hackensack and Duluth," shares Mikkie. "I couldn't tell you the names but they're great home cooked meals and so yummy... I've tried tobies...I wasn't impressed."

"Starbucks has the cleanest bathrooms," said Tanja.

"The Sawmill Inn, Brainerd," said Rene. "Where they make the omelette with the hashbrowns INSIDE!! BEST OMELETTE EVER!!"

"Nelson Bros Bakery in the Clearwater Travel Plaza is fantastic," said Katie."We also love Kwik Trips!"

"Red Onion in Belgrade," Mark shared.

"Betty's pies on North Shore," said Scott.

What's your favorite roadtrip pit stop?

By the way, watch a video of my wife and me flying in a private plan over Duluth here!

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