I can't remember a year when there have been so many bear sightings in Minnesota towns. They say that berries are in short supply due to the drought and fires are driving bears into cities and towns in search of food.

According to CBS Minnesota, three teen girls from Centerville, Minnesota got quite a scare while doing some gardening. Hailey Nelson, 17 and Dori Arndt, 15 were doing some gardening at a friend's (Hailey Nyberg 17) home on Centerville Cottonwood Court.

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“We wanted money, so we decided to go pull some weeds and we’re just pulling some weeds, just talking, listening to some music, turn our heads and it’s just a black lab,” Nelson said.

There happened to be a camera running in the front window of the home and it caught the whole episode.

Out of the corner of her eye, Nelson thought she saw Nyberg's black lab. What the girls thought was just the Nyberg's black lab turned out to be a black bear.  Big difference.

After the girls realized that it was indeed a black bear, they ran as fast as they could to get indoors where it would be safe. Being teen girls, they weren't about to run before getting their phones first. Certainly don't want a bear getting ahold of your phone, right? He might order a pizza or something.

The teens ran to the front door of the Nyberg home and pounded frantically on the locked door. Hailey's dad, Brian Nyberg heard the screaming and thought the girls were being swarmed by bees or something.

“I think both Hailey and I, we heard the screaming, we both thought, you know, they maybe got into a yellow jacket nest,” Brian said. “They were just terrified, screaming, and the pounding on the door was so fast.”

Brian estimated the bear to be about 160 pounds. The bear eventually wandered off back into nature.

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