This week's teacher of the week is Myke Zimmerman (Zim). I was so excited to go on this teacher visit being a graduate of the Long Prairie Grey Eagle School District.

Principal Tammy Cebulla called all of Zim's 130 students into his classroom for a "meeting" early on Monday morning. Unfortunately since Myke has known me forever, he knew something was up when he saw me in his classroom along with all his students and fellow teachers. But it was so fun to award him as our Teacher of the Week, and is extremely well deserved.

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Mr. Zimmerman is a 5th/6th grade STEM teacher (science technology, engineering, math) at Long Prairie/ Grey Eagle Elementary.

Nomination Letter from Benjamin Lee Hatton:

Myke Zimmerman (Zim), donates extra time to his kids by running the STEM (science technology, engineering, math) program. He also helps coach football, as well as track.
He's the kind of teacher that makes you, want to come and learn. The way he teaches about plants and animals makes it really interesting. The fun and intense experiments that he conducts are informative and entertaining. Plus, there's always Owl pellet day!
Myke also is the president of Pheasants forever, Todd county chapter. He is also the best dad to 4 kids, as well as 7 grandchildren. Everyone would agree that he's a legitimately wonderful guy.

Letter from LPGE Elementary Principal Tammy Cebulla:

Myke Zimmerman is a teacher that rarely has discipline issues in his classroom because his students respect him. They also don't want to risk being removed from the room because then they would miss out on the day's activities. He pushes the students to learn and be excited about what they are learning. We are lucky to have him in our district.


We love honoring teachers here in Central Minnesota that make a difference in the lives of their students by shining the spotlight on them and recognizing their greatness with The Teacher of the Week Award. Making sure they know what they do makes a difference in the lives of others and that it doesn't go unnoticed.


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