We love surprising teachers that make a difference in the lives of their students by shining the spotlight on them and recognizing their greatness. Making sure they know what they do makes a difference in the lives of others and that it doesn't go unnoticed.

The nominated teacher that gets selected receives a gift basket full of gift certificates from Harvest Bread Co., Coyote Moon Grille, Concrete Image Salon, Clutch Take and Bake Pizza and a beautiful trophy from All-Star Trophy and Awards.This week's teacher of the week is Estelle Turck, 3rd grade teacher at Madison Elementary in St. Cloud. We surprised her with this honor while she was teaching in her classroom this afternoon. She was surprised to say the least.

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Here is the letter that was submitted by Kyle Turck:

Mrs. Turck puts in countless hours each and every week just to make the lives of her students infinitely better. No matter what situations her students might have to deal with outside of school, she ensures that every hour spent with her is positive and filled with compassion so that her kids feel safe and cared for. While teachers notoriously have a busy schedule, Mrs. Turck still spends her "breaks" throughout the day eating lunch with her students or playing outside with them at recess, even if it means spending another 2-3 hours at school herself after the bell rings getting caught up and ready to do it all again. And that's not to mention the half-day she puts in nearly each and every Saturday of the week in order to be ready for the next five days!!! While some would view this as working too hard, in Estelle's case, it is her passion to make the lives of her students better and she does all that she can to make that happen.

Here is the letter that was submitted by the Principal:

What I would say about Estelle Turck is she is the type of teacher every parent would want for their child, and is a colleague that you would want on your team.  You have chosen an educator who is deserving of this recognition.  
Photo: Alli Mae
Photo: Alli Mae
Thank you 94.9 for recognizing teachers who I believe are some of the most important difference makers in our world.  

Thank you Estelle Turck for making a difference in the lives of these students and the people around you.

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