This week's teacher of the week is Cortney Ryan, a 3rd grade teacher at John Clark Elementary School in Rockville. She was nominated by Beth Schmitz, a parent of one of Courtney's students:

Ms. Ryan has been an amazing mentor for her class. She truly cares about every student in the school. Ms.Ryan was my son's second grade teacher, she made a strong bond with her class and felt it appropriate to move to the third grade with them. She knew that knowing each student and their individual needs going into the new school year, would be beneficial for everyone's learning. My son didn't like school until Ms. Ryan made learning fun. Now he loves school and is excited to learn! Ms. Ryan tells her students that she will always have their backs even when she isn't their teacher anymore. She comes to their football games, dresses in fun outfits for special school days, guides us parents through the hard stuff, and encourages her students to do their very best! We appreciate Ms. Ryan more than she will ever know!

-Beth Schmitz

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The principal of John Clark Elementary, Sam Court, added:

Courtney is an incredibly dedicated teacher. She loves her students with her whole heart. We had an opening in the grade above her last year, and she chose to loop with her students because they cares about them so much.

The nominated teacher that gets selected receives a gift basket full of gift certificates from $25 Gift Certificate Harvest Bread Co., Sunday Brunch for 2 to Coyote Moon Grille, $30 Gift Certificate to Concrete Image Salon, $25 Gift Certificate to Clutch Take and Bake Pizza and a beautiful trophy from All-Star Trophy and Awards. Plus, some Mix 94.9 swag.

Thank you Courtney for all your hard work. Seeing how much your students love and look up to you was truly inspiring.

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