I'm not sure if there is anything quite as satisfying as hearing about the heartwarming stories from Tri-County Humane Society.

Meet Oliver (pictured above) and Melody.
I met a couple of you in my trips in, but my name is Melody and I adopted Santos. I got him on Sunday January 29th. Since he is only 11 months old I decided to change his name. I just felt that there was a name that fit him better. The first name that came to my mind was Oliver. I called him that throughout the night one night and he responded every time- maybe even a better response than to Santos- so I figured that was his way of telling me. :)

I am 19 years old and currently go to the College of Saint Benedict in Saint Joseph. I was approved through the school to get an animal to be my Emotional Support Animal (ESA). I went to at least 5 shelters and inquired about many, many dogs online before I found Oliver. This was over a span of about 2.5 months, but I had wanted a dog for years before then even. Everything kept leading to a dead end or a door slammed because I am in college. I got so close so many times. I went through so much heartache. I wanted to give up, but I knew I needed a dog and the perfect match was waiting for me somewhere. That is what kept me going.

It turns out I really was right. The first time I saw him at the shelter he had a deposit on him, but I still spent time with him in a room and absolutely adored playing with him and cuddling. The following week after going to a few more shelters I came back in just to look around and see if maybe an option would pop up. I saw him in his run and my heart stopped. I was SO excited. So I again spent a lot of time with him in a room, then put a deposit down so I could get everything ready for his arrival. I knew he was the one. I felt it the first time but in a different way because I knew he had a deposit on him. I feel terrible that he didn't work out with the couple he went home with for a couple of days, but I can't help think that it was meant to be. This is because I know Oliver and I were supposed to find each other and be together. We are a perfect match and are already so close and bonded.

He has adjusted about as perfect as possible. We live in my single room in the first year dorms. He has had no accidents inside and has not chewed anything he's not supposed to. Every time I come home, even if I just run to the laundry room down the hall, I listen at the door and he is never making noise. He sometimes just whines when I have to leave. When he wants something he does his what I call a yodel- growl type noise he does in his throat. He does very well on walks, except for when he sees bunnies. He pulls with all he has to try to go after them. He doesn't care about squirrels - just the bunnies. That is the only time he has barked. Other than the pulling, which has been getting better every day, he has done excellent outside.

He responds and knows "good boy", sit, and knows the words "outside" and "potty" pretty well now. He also knows how to get my attention when he wants to go out by crying or yodeling and standing by the door. This is not loud though at all. For instance my family dog at home will bark. He knows when we are going out too because he gets SO excited when I start grabbing my jacket and his leash. He also knows he gets a treat after he goes potty.

Of course everyone loves him when they see us and ask to pet him- he just melts because he is such a sweetheart and loves meeting people. He really is a celebrity here! He is so silly, cuddly, affectionate, and intelligent. He is everything I have ever wanted and more.

Thank you so much to all the staff and volunteers who have helped me. You guys were truly amazing to me and I will forever be grateful. You are the only team that didn't just turn me down. You actually wanted me to find my companion, and it will forever mean the world to me. To US.

I plan to get him certified as an ESA. So I would get paperwork and a vest- that sort of thing. He is just absolutely perfect for this role in my life. He has already taught me so much, changed my life, and made me feel so good in a new way.

Thank you all so, so much.




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