ST. CLOUD -- A St. Cloud man has pleaded guilty to prostitution involving a 15-year-old boy from Cold Spring.

According to the criminal complaint 56-year-old Kenneth Vilter paid the boy to perform oral sex on him. He pleaded guilty to engaging in prostitution with a 13-15-year-old.

Records show the boy placed ads in the "casual encounter" section on craigslist and met Vilter at a Cold Spring Park last spring. Records show Vilter paid the boy $300.

Law enforcement pulled data from the boy's cell phone and iPad and found numerous sexually explicit photos involving the boy and other individuals.

Vilter initially agreed to talk with police, but when asked about his email account allegedly used to exchange sexually explicit conversations, he asked for a lawyer.

Another man charged in a separate incident with the boy has a hearing scheduled for next week. Joseph Burton is scheduled to appear Thursday.

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