Social distancing may be a nuisance, but it sure is bringing out the creativity in people!

It seems like every day there's a new challenge or trend online from people trying to pass the time at home. One of the online games to make an appearance this week is the social distancing version of the popular guessing game "I Spy." To play, someone begins with "I spy something [insert adjective] in your camera photo roll." People then share a photo from their phone's photo gallery that meets the requirement.

We decided to jump on the bandwagon with one of our own: "I spy something in your camera roll that is...TASTY!"

Listeners left all sorts of photos of something "tasty," from homemade cookies to Betty's Pie, apples from the backyard to homemade maple syrup, specialty birthday cakes to cocktails and more! See some of the results for yourself below:

See the full Facebook post with everyone's responses here.

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