The LEGO KidsFest national tour stopped at the Minneapolis Convention Center this past weekend, bringing all of the creative hands-on, minds-on fun of LEGO building and experiences together in a 175,000 square foot space. From 40 life-sized models including dinosaurs and Star Wars characters to the giant Mystery Mural, where you were allowed to slowly reveal what's underneath one brick at a time, the Lego Kidsfest drew a monster crowd.

The event also included hands-on learning activities from local attractions, including Minnesota Children's Museum, Science Museum of Minnesota, Minnesota Vikings, and Minnesota Lynx.

Minnesota was lucky enough to get this traveling event, because they only make a few stops a year. The next tour stop is in Pittsburgh.

Even Sunday's late session, happening during the midst of a devastating tornado just five miles away, was filled with kids and their parents building, clicking and jaw-dropping. We sent our Web producer Abby Faulkner and the MIX Paparazzi out to document the thousands of  self-described LEGO-maniacs.